Document Conventions

The following symbols and typefaces are used throughout this manual:

[ ]

items in brackets are optional. Brackets also denote items that may or may not be displayed onscreen depending on settings or conditions.

{ }

curly braces enclose items you choose from


the vertical bar separates choices in curly braces

normal monospace

normal monospace text in syntax specifications should be typed in exactly as presented. Because UNIX and variants are case-sensitive, case must be preserved. Monospace is also used in presenting items that appear on the screen.

monospace italics

italics in syntax specifications indicate items that are to be replaced with an actual item (e.g. interface should be replaced with an actual interface name, like eth0).

Additional information appears distinctively set apart from the main text. This information includes Notes, Tips, or Technical Notes.

Notes are additional pieces of information that may be useful or may clarify the preceeding paragraphs of the manual.

Tips provide shortcuts, clarify tasks that may not be immediately obvious, or provide references to additional sources of information.

Technical notes are explanations of a more technical nature and may be of more use to programmers and advanced users.