What's New in CUPS 1.7

This page provides a high-level outline of the changes in CUPS 1.7. If you have never used CUPS before, read the "Overview of CUPS" document instead.

CUPS 1.7 is primarily a "polish" release. Users will appreciate improved support for paid, PIN, and release printing, as well as expanded support for printers conforming to the IPP Everywhere specification. Full support for this functionality depends on additional software from your operating system vendor.

When supported by the printer or the remote server, CUPS now compresses print data sent over the network to greatly improve print speed and reduce bandwidth usage. This happens automatically when printing through IPP and is available as an option when using the ipptool utility.

Developers can now enumerate supported sizes and option values, as well as query a printer to discovery which media is loaded, making it possible to easily build customized user interfaces without the use of printer drivers or PPD files.