CVD format

CVD (ClamAV Virus Database) is a digitally signed tarball containing one or more databases. The header is a 512-bytes long string with colon separated fields:
ClamAV-VDB:build time:version:number of signatures:functionality
level required:MD5 checksum:digital signature:builder name:build time (sec)
sigtool --info displays detailed information on CVD files:
$ sigtool -i daily.cvd 
File: daily.cvd
Build time: 10 Mar 2008 10:45 +0000
Version: 6191
Signatures: 59084
Functionality level: 26
Builder: ccordes
MD5: 6e6e29dae36b4b7315932c921e568330
Digital signature: zz9irc9irupR3z7yX6J+OR6XdFPUat4HIM9ERn3kAcOWpcMFxq
Verification OK.

Cisco 2018-03-28