clamscan writes all regular program messages to stdout and errors/warnings to stderr. You can use the option --stdout to redirect all program messages to stdout. Warnings and error messages from libclamav are always printed to stderr. A typical output from clamscan looks like this:
	/tmp/test/removal-tool.exe: Worm.Sober FOUND
	/tmp/test/md5.o: OK
	/tmp/test/blob.c: OK
	/tmp/test/message.c: OK
	/tmp/test/error.hta: VBS.Inor.D FOUND
When a virus is found its name is printed between the filename: and FOUND strings. In case of archives the scanner depends on libclamav and only prints the first virus found within an archive:
	$ clamscan Worm.Mydoom.U FOUND
When using the -allmatch(-z) flag, clamscan may print multiple virus FOUND lines for archives and files.

Cisco 2018-09-18