Clam daemon

clamd is a multi-threaded daemon that uses libclamav to scan files for viruses. It may work in one or both modes listening on: The daemon is fully configurable via the clamd.conf file 8. clamd recognizes the following commands: It's recommended to prefix clamd commands with the letter z (eg. zSCAN) to indicate that the command will be delimited by a NULL character and that clamd should continue reading command data until a NULL character is read. The null delimiter assures that the complete command and its entire argument will be processed as a single command. Alternatively commands may be prefixed with the letter n (e.g. nSCAN) to use a newline character as the delimiter. Clamd replies will honour the requested terminator in turn. If clamd doesn't recognize the command, or the command doesn't follow the requirements specified below, it will reply with an error message, and close the connection. Clamd can handle the following signals: Clamd should not be started in the background using the shell operator & or external tools. Instead, you should run and wait for clamd to load the database and daemonize itself. After that, clamd is instantly ready to accept connections and perform file scanning.

Cisco 2018-03-28