Setting up auto-updating

freshclam is the automatic database update tool for Clam AntiVirus. It can work in two modes: freshclam is advanced tool: it supports scripted updates (instead of transferring the whole CVD file at each update it only transfers the differences between the latest and the current database via a special script), database version checks through DNS, proxy servers (with authentication), digital signatures and various error scenarios. Quick test: run freshclam (as superuser) with no parameters and check the output. If everything is OK you may create the log file in /var/log (owned by clamav or another user freshclam will be running as):
	# touch /var/log/freshclam.log
	# chmod 600 /var/log/freshclam.log
	# chown clamav /var/log/freshclam.log
Now you should edit the configuration file freshclam.conf and point the UpdateLogFile directive to the log file. Finally, to run freshclam in the daemon mode, execute:
	# freshclam -d
The other way is to use the cron daemon. You have to add the following line to the crontab of root or clamav user:
N * * * *	/usr/local/bin/freshclam --quiet
to check for a new database every hour. N should be a number between 3 and 57 of your choice. Please don't choose any multiple of 10, because there are already too many clients using those time slots. Proxy settings are only configurable via the configuration file and freshclam will require strict permission settings for the config file when HTTPProxyPassword is turned on.
	HTTPProxyPort 1234
	HTTPProxyUsername myusername
	HTTPProxyPassword mypass

Cisco 2016-04-21