How to copy contacts from SIM Card to Phone memory on Nokia 9300i

I’ve travelled to a country abroad and I bought a SIM card to use with my Nokia 9300i.
My old contacts list was actually stored on a SIM card I was using till now in my home country (Bulgaria), therefore I needed a way to copy my contacts from the former SIM card to the new SIM card I bought from abroad.

I looked through the front panel of my Nokia Communicator 9300i mobile phone but after a close examination I realized there was no menu giving me the opportunity to copy my contacts list to either the phone memory or the new SIM card.

I was quite sure that my mobile should be able to copy phone Contacts considering the fact it’s a smart phone and it has embedded so many sophisticated functions.

I decided to give a try to find a way to copy the contacts list using the inner side of my phone (which reveals right after opening the phone, e.g. the keyboard side).

Thanksfully it appeared that copying my contacts list to both the telephone memory as well as the newer SIM card was a piece of cake.

Here is the exact step I had to took in order to be able to copy my people contacts phones to another SIM card

1. Open up your smart phone inner side
2. On Nokia’s 9300i keyboard press Contacts
3. Choose SIM card from the menu
4. Furthermore select Copy all
5. A screen will appear reading Copy contacts to there you have to choose Contacts

That’s all your contacts should now be copied to your mobile phone. Cheers :)

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